Who is suitable for the course?

  • Moms
    Tired of figuring out what to make new “no-no’s” to make them eat and ask for more?
  • Beginners in the kitchen
    Proven recipes that will work the first time
  • For experienced cooks
    When you want variety without “mandrake root” and lifelong recipes that you’ll repeat over and over again

Course Program

Ham and Cheese Toast in an Omelette

You will make quick and hearty toast.
Learn the toast maker so you can easily make different variations from what you have on hand

Cream soup with shrimp and cheese

Make a quick and beautiful soup for a quick meal.
Explore the cream soup constructor to play with texture and flavor.

Chicken baked in creamy mushroom sauce with thyme and airy mashed potatoes

Prepare chicken with sauce and unusual airy mashed potatoes.
Explore the dish constructor.

Cherry Puffs

A bonus for those who make it to the end – quick cherry puffs.